Who is Scott Thor?

Nearly 20 years ago I began my career as a high-energy engineer out to change the world, but over the next several years I found myself loving one small aspect of my work that focused on helping people do what they love to do faster and better.

My passion for teaching and coaching leaders in finding ways to improve turned into a full-time business nearly a decade ago, and since then I’ve worked with a number of Fortune 500 clients and government agencies helping thousands of people find joy in their work.  The source of that joy comes from solving problems that rob so many people from being engaged in their work.

The learning and application of my teaching has helped my clients implement hundreds of ideas that have had a financial impact in excess of $100M.  I attribute their success in part to my unique approach to process improvement that strips out the technical jargon and replaces it with language every organizational leader understands. 

I also focus heavily on the human element of improvement ignored by many professionals who work in the field of process improvement.  From my experience, improvement is 80% people and 20% process.  If you focus solely on the process you’re only going to solve 20% of most problems.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Look at what my current and past clients have said about me on LinkedIn where I have 19 recommendations sharing how I have helped them succeed.  You’ll also find my previous experience in a variety or roles, certifications, and educational achievements.

If you’re sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired of dealing with the same problems over-and-over again give me a call or email me, and together we can find more joy in your work.