These workshops are designed to help participants learn how to apply simple, yet effective, tools and techniques to find ways to get faster and better at the work you love to do.  Workshops can be conducted at your place or mine.  

Leadership Overview.

Where do you start in seeking ways to get faster and better?  What are some simple tools you can apply immediately to start making effective changes to how you do your work?  What are the key ingredients for being successful?  These are all questions that will be answered at this 90 minute FREE workshop.

Introduction to Process Improvement.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to find ways to get faster and better at the work you love to do.  In this 6 hour hands-on workshop you will learn how to apply some basic tools to remove waste and increase quality.  Learning takes place through a series of exercises applying what you are learning.  You will also be challenged to come up with one idea to make your work faster and better in 30 days or less.

Becoming an Effective Process Improvement Leader.

Are you a leader wanting to better understand your role in helping to create a workplace focused on finding ways to get faster and better every day?  If so, this 6 hour workshop is for you!  In this session you will learn what it takes to be a leader guiding your culture from one of fire-fighting to fire prevention.

Project Facilitator.

If the introduction workshop just whet your appetite for learning about process improvement this workshop will fully satisfy your hunger for improvement.  Over the course of 10 days spread over two months (five days each month) you will learn what it takes to be an effective project facilitator leading a team focused on solving the most challenging problems facing your organization.